Avocado-Chickpea Mash

Avocado-Chickpea Mash Sandwich for One

Half of an Avocado

Quarter Cup of Drained Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)

One Teaspoon Shelled Hemp Seeds

One Teaspoon Chia Seeds

Half of a Lemon

Crushed Black Pepper

Half of a Kumato Tomato

Handful of Fresh Spinach

Goat Cheese

Two Slices of Ezekiel Bread

In a small bowl, mash the avocado and chickpeas with a fork. Add the shelled hemp seeds, crushed black pepper, and chia seeds. Juice the lemon half into the bowl. Mix all of it together.

Toast the two slices of ezekiel bread. Add the goat cheese and melt in the microwave for 8 seconds.

Slice the tomato and place the slices on one side of toast.

Layer on the avocado and chickpea mash.

Set the fresh spinach on the mash.

Finally top everything with the second piece of toast & Eat UP!!

Avocado-Chickpea Mash

Inspired by Two Peas and Their Pod  –   Smashed Chickpea & Avocado Salad Sandwich.


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